Persistence, Preparation and Professionalism for Your Job Search

Persistence, Preparation and Professionalism for Your Job Search

jobLooking for a job is hard work, and finding a summer job is even harder work. However, if you go into your job hunt doing these 3 P’s – Persistence, Preparation and Professionalism – your chances of finding a new position increase dramatically.

It can be difficult to walk the fine line between persistence and annoyance during your job search. There is a difference between staying in touch after you apply for a job to show interest and calling daily. Displaying enthusiasm and knowledge specifically about the company also pay off well when following up about a job opening.  Companies appreciate when you have done the legwork to learn about their company and mentioning that information when you follow-up on the status of your resume or application.  I always like to know someone went the extra mile to learn about my company and tells me what they learned and how it relates to them.

Being prepared for an interview seems like something most people know, but that’s not always the case. Imagine walking into the interview with the application from the company’s website already printed and filled out. WOW! That is something that they are going to need you to do, so save some of your time and do it at home and bring it with you. It shows that you thought ahead as to what would be needed and you’re ready. This is easy and doesn’t happen nearly enough. Another way to be prepared is to have done your research and have your questions ready for the interview. I know someone who recently interviewed at a new Bed and Breakfast in our town and she asked for a tour of the facility, knowing that the owners and managers were still excited to show it off. They were excited to show it off and the candidate had a great opportunity to engage with the manager while they were touring.

And now we come to our final P, professionalism. Again, as interviewers, we hope that people take the time to dress and act professionally when they come for an interview. I like to see someone dressed up even if they are dropping off an application or filling one out. To me, it shows that they took the time to think about how they were presenting themselves and want to make a professional impression.  These are all things a busy interviewer/manager will notice.

Utilizing all 3 of these tips for a traditional or summer job search will help yield success. I know firsthand. My 2 oldest daughters, both college students, were the inspiration for this blog. They were persistent and followed up in person and by phone to companies they were interested in working for. They were prepared when they went in to learn about the application process and when they went to interview, they referenced things about the companies and why they wanted to work there specifically. They were also professional, dressing appropriately and following up with thank you emails after their interviews. Success! They are both gainfully employed for the summer! Do you have a summer job success story? Share it with us below.

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