Onboarding Tips in a Pandemic

Onboarding Tips in a Pandemic

Onboarding Tips in a Pandemic

Starting a new job at any point in your career is not only exciting but also nerve wracking at the same time. This is especially true when you are starting a new job during a global pandemic and most likely won’t be heading into an office anytime soon! To help ease some of the new job jitters, I will be sharing some pointers that will set you up to have a successful onboarding experience!

Communication: The best advice I can provide anyone going through an onboarding process 100% remote is to always stay in close contact with your managers, your coworkers, HR, and anyone else involved in your daily job responsibilities. Prior to your first day, reach out to the company to grab contact information for everyone involved in your onboarding process. The contact information I would get would be a direct office number as well as an email so you are able to reach them if you run into any problems.

Technology: As soon as you accept your new position, find out if the company will be providing you a laptop or another electronic device. If they do, set up a meeting with the IT department or your manager prior to your first day so you know how to access all the programs needed throughout the onboarding process. I would also make sure you grab your username and passwords to the laptop and programs as soon as you receive your device.

First Day: Its very important to know well in advance how your first day will look. Reach out to your manager prior to your start date and not only get a outline of your first day but also try and grab a complete onboarding schedule. This will ensure that you stay organized and will not miss or be late to any crucial meetings or training sessions.

Paperwork: While filling out the paperwork, stay in close contact with the HR department to make sure you are completing everything correctly. After the paperwork is completed, make a copy for your records and follow up with HR to make sure they received everything.

Organization: It’s so important to stay very organized when you are working remote and going through the companies onboarding process. One way to stay organized is by creating a binder that you can add to. Some important things to include in the binder are company contact information, daily schedules, training session notes, completed paperwork, etc.

Own Your Position: Don’t be afraid to ask for help with any part of the onboarding that your struggling with. This is your career and you want to set your self up for success. Make sure you grab all information that will help you stay organized prior to your first day. Also, always keep a schedule so you know where you need to be at all times.