On Staffing: The Difference Between a Partner and a Vendor

On Staffing: The Difference Between a Partner and a Vendor

On Staffing - The Difference Between a Partner and a Vendor

In the increasingly commoditized world of staffing, delivery models coupled with commitment to quality is what best distinguishes elite firms from their competition.

All too often, client-facing reps don’t have answers to simple questions regarding timelines, onboarding and client availability. These are all signs of a bigger problem: your client sees you as a vendor rather than a partner.

An agency that lets the client dictate the terms of business makes them a vendor, not a partner. Doing so makes them expendable and shows that they bring little to no value.

In the markets DAVIS currently serves, supply and demand is decidedly out of whack; supply is incredibly low and demand seems to increase every day. This phenomenon causes reps to forget how much they know about the market they live in. They are the ones that have the best pulse on market trends: How quickly are candidates moving? What positions are in highest demand? What are the best ways to attract (and retain) certain types of talent? Why might a consultant be a better short-term solution than a full-time employee? Being able to share this type of market insight with your client helps distinguish between a partner and a vendor.

As a hiring manager or HR professional, are you tasked with driving your own hiring process?  If so, you might not be working with the best our industry has to offer. A true partner will shorten your hiring time and make your process more efficient (hey, we do it for a living). AND, if you are in an HR role where delegating these responsibilities can feel like we are stepping on toes, rest assured that our goal is not to show that you don’t need a job but rather that to make you look like a champion.

So, next time you evaluate the hiring process through a staffing firm, ask yourself: were they just a vendor or did they really provide valuable insight into the skill set you were hiring and the current landscape of the market?

If your staffing firm isn’t driving your process, you have a vendor, not a partner. To request a consultative call with one of our representatives or request talent, click here.

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