A New Energy: Why Office Renovations are Advantageous

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A New Energy: Why Office Renovations are Advantageous

office renovationIf you’re anything like me, a married female homeowner in your 30s, you may spend lots of time watching home and garden improvement shows.  It drives my husband insane, but I am slightly obsessed with watching houses turn from outdated or even uninhabitable to the best house on the block.  It’s amazing how sometimes small changes or repairs can make such a huge difference in a home.  My house is currently undergoing some renovations and repairs because of the damage we had this past winter.  And even just a simple coating of paint in our kitchen has made me feel like we remodeled the whole thing!

The same idea applies to your office environment.  Is your office outdated?  Does it look like an office from the 70s?  Do you long for some modern amenities in your cube life? 

We here at DAVIS are fortunate enough to have a large storage area at the back of our office headquarters.  For a few years it has been a great place to store all kinds of materials, but with our growing headcount, we quickly realized that we need to use that space to house more employees!

The opportunity to help redesign the storage space has been a fun and engaging aspect of life at DAVIS.  We had a suggestion box where employees could include any ideas they had to help fill up the space.  We asked for feedback on our existing office as well including things like chairs, types of cubes, and carpet colors.  It gave employees the chance to voice their opinions and engage in the new design of our workspace.

The back storage area has recently begun renovations and it already looks fantastic!  Several DAVIS employees volunteered to help paint the room with modern blue and gray tones.  Our construction partner has put together the bones of the room, and it’s nearly ready to occupy.  We just need to fill up the space with new cubes, tables, and maybe even some comfortable couch areas for employees to relax or work in quiet areas with laptops.

Renovating the storage space has brought a great new energy to the office.  The modernized room will provide a great place to share ideas, think creatively and service our clients as best as possible.  At my own house, the renovations have allowed me to purge old and unwanted items, reorganize my existing belongings and once it’s done, will bring me a huge sense of satisfaction.

Is your office in need of some updating?  Do you get energized by updating the space around you?