Nothing Better than EXCELLENT Customer Service

Nothing Better than EXCELLENT Customer Service

Operator talking on headsetReceiving great customer service makes all the difference in the world.  It can make a bad day better and a good day great!  When you have a great experience with a person or place you just want to tell the world because of the great feeling you’re left with.

A couple years ago a book was introduced to me that surprisingly changed my life.  It was a book about customer service called “Raving Fans” by Ken Blanchard.  Very easy read but the main point was how we as a society just accept poor customer service.  When I say we “accept” poor service I mean we continue to go to places that treat us like crap because it’s convenient or cheaper; and when I really thought about this I realized how true it was.

I used to get my coffee at a coffee chain and 9 out of 10 times my order was wrong.  I would go through the drive through and be a mile away before realizing they gave me the wrong order!  Day after day I would return to this chain (different locations) and again and again my order was incorrect.  What bothered me the most was when I did catch it in time the person behind the counter was annoyed that I had the audacity to ask them to take it back and make what I ordered.   Maybe half the time I would receive an apology for the mix-up, mostly I just got an attitude.

I read “Raving Fans” I decided to stop accepting poor service and I switched to a different coffee chain.  In the two years I have been doing this my order was wrong maybe 2-3 times and when it was wrong and I brought it to their attention not only did they apologize but would instantly re-do my order (with a smile) and gave me a card for a free drink next time because of the inconvenience!   Every time I go it is a great experience.  Because of the great customer service I will not only drive out of my way to go here but am also okay with the fact there drinks are slightly more expensive.  The cost is worth the service.

Now you are probably thinking “this chick has never been on the other side of the counter” . . . but I have.  I have been the barista girl, the pizza maker and the hostess.  I have dealt with good and bad customers.  I have also seen the movie “Waiting” and make a point to be EXTRA nice to anyone handling my food or beverage.

I can admit the service industry is not an easy place to work; I know customers aren’t always pleasant to deal with but that is no excuse for poor customer service.  This book is worth the read and I can tell you everyone at DAVIS has read this book and we make it a point to create “Raving Fans” every day.  Good or bad, we are always open to feedback.  It’s what makes us better, sets us apart in our industry and why Davis is the best choice to fulfill your staffing needs!

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