New Year’s Resolutions for Students Entering the Workforce

New Year’s Resolutions for Students Entering the Workforce

New Year's Resolutions (2)Everyone starts the new year off with all different kinds of resolutions:  to get in shape, to find a new job, to buy a new house. A lot of the time these goals seem attainable at first, but by January 31st they seem almost impossible. For students looking for internships or entry level positions this summer, here are some resolutions to make that you can actually follow through on.

  1. Start looking now. It is never too early to start looking for internships and getting your name out there to companies that interest you. Some companies even start recruiting in October! By reaching out to companies early, you will have time to form a relationship with a representative of the organization which can help you make a positive impression if you get an interview.
  2. Check multiple job boards. Websites like, and all have postings of internships and entry level positions that you can filter based on location and salary! Sometimes you can apply directly on the website, or it takes you to the company’s application platform. These sites can help you apply for multiple internships or jobs in a short period of time, just make sure you keep track of where you’re applying and follow up with the company after a week or so!
  3. Get by with a little help from your friends. This includes family friends, parent’s friends or community members. “Adults” are a secret weapon in the job or internship hunt because they always know someone who could help you. Parents can be a great advocate for you to their network; do not be afraid to have them help you in your search! The same goes for family friends or community members. Now is not the time to be timid about what you want to do. Contact them about the industry they are in that interests you and ask if you can set up an informational interview to learn more about what they do. Since you already have a personal relationship with them, this will help make things more comfortable.
  4. Create your own network. Using your parent’s connections works for a while, but trying to jump into an industry where you do not know anyone can be difficult. Colleges and universities usually have networking events with alumni, or alumni databases. Use these resources to help build a group of colleagues that can vouch for your work ethic. Don’t underestimate your classmates either, they may have worked in an organization that interests you and can introduce you to the right people!

Are you a student or recent grad that has found work? Comment what worked for you or Tweet us @TheDavisCos!

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