New Year, New Goals for Work & Your Personal Life

New Year, New Goals for Work & Your Personal Life

goalsHopefully by now you’ve set goals for 2015. If not, it isn’t too late. Setting personal and professional goals helps you stay focused and build strategies for you, your team and organization to achieve and to surpass you goals. Here are some suggestions for those of you who haven’t set personal or professional goals for the New Year.

Personal Goals:

  • Set health and wellness goals. Whether it be to lose weight (a popular one every January), eat better or exercise more, you will end up feeling better mentally and physically throughout the year.
  • Read More Books – set a number; 1 a month for example.
  • Be better about saving money. It’s easy to say it, but bust out the calculator, set a firm goal and stick to it.
  • Wake up earlier – you’ll be able to enjoy your morning, feel less rushed and start your day with a clear head.
  • Try something new – pick up a new sport, take a class or learn a new language.

Professional Goals:

  • Make more money – because, Duh.
  • Get certified in something new. This can set you apart from the rest and shows you’re passionate about progressing your skills and your career.
  • Get involved with other parts of your company – if there is a volunteer team see where you can help, if there is a quality team ask to get involved, train or mentor a new hire.
  • Get to know more of your coworkers. Grab lunch or a coffee with someone you don’t know very well.
  • Think strategically. How curious are you about your profession, your industry and your organization’s strategy?

These are just a few ideas for goals to set in 2015 and, if nothing else, maybe they got the wheels turning for you. If you have already set personal or professional goals for the New Year please share them in comment section below.

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