Your Mom is NOT a Legitimate Reference

Your Mom is NOT a Legitimate Reference

reference mom motherBut she is a lovely woman whom you should celebrate this Sunday.

That’s right folks, Sunday is Mother’s Day (you’re welcome). A day to celebrate and honor mothers and motherhood is good for us all. After all, there’s really no bigger advocate for us than our mothers. When it comes to seeking employment however, DO NOT PUT YOUR MOTHER AS A REFERENCE.

Astonishingly, we have seen this occur several times while screening candidates for potential job opportunities. Your Mom is a lovely woman but we can’t put much, if any, weight on her as a professional reference.

I cannot emphasize the impact a positive reference can have on your job application. It is important to have someone who, at the drop of a hat, will answer the phone and tell a complete stranger how incredible you are. This needs to be someone who not only knows you on a personal level but professionally as well. This includes immediate supervisors, coaches, and former teachers. Really anyone who can speak to your character AND is not your mother will do.

References are imperative. They give a potential employer an idea of who exactly they are hiring. I am not telling you anything you don’t already know when I say we’re in a competitive job market. A strong reference could be the striking silver highlight that sets you apart from the other wolves in the pack.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!