Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

12 Steps to make the most of your work gatherings

meetingsMeetings can be a place where great ideas are born and problems are solved. They can also be a large waste of time and money. If you were to break down the hourly wage of the people in your next meeting and then multiply it by however many hours a day, week, month, or year you spend meeting, you’ll quickly notice how costly meetings can be; especially if nothing is really accomplished. To avoid costly meetings where you’re essentially meeting to meet, these guidelines can help you get the most out of your upcoming meetings.

  1. Start on time, end on time
  2. Set an agenda, share the agenda, stick to the agenda, respect the agenda
  3. Meet the stated purpose of the meeting, stay on track with minimal digression
  4. Listen actively to others
  5. No one-on-one, side meetings.
  6. Manage your own input – NO long speeches
  7. No parroting (repeating what someone else said)
  8. Do not interrupt other participants
  9. Leave the meeting with a clear sense of next steps, action items
  10.  Make sure you really need a meeting before scheduling and ONLY invite the people who absolutely need to be there. Respect others time
  11. Do not schedule more time than you need
  12. Do not check your phone or email unless critical

If you can apply some of these guidelines to your next meeting you’re sure to have a more effective and efficient meeting that saves you time and money.

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