Marlborough Going Up…On a Tuesday

Marlborough Going Up…On a Tuesday

tuesdayTuesdays at DAVIS are a hectic, and one of the most important days of the week. Why are Tuesdays so important? Because it is payroll day!

Everyone in the company must come together and do their part to make sure Timecard Tuesday runs as smoothly as possible. I am talking about meeting a VERY strict deadline, making multiple follow up and reminder calls to make sure we do not miss a contractor’s time or miss management approval.

So last Tuesday started like any other, until we came to find out we had no Internet in the office. No Internet… ON A TUESDAY! What are we going to do? How are we going to live? Just kidding, that’s not what happened.

The DAVIS way is an all hands on deck approach. In times of adversity it is easy to throw up the white flag and surrender, or point fingers. Not this team. Departments strategized, communicated, made plans and pulled reports to do our diligence to meet an end-of-day deadline. When someone saw a problem they reacted. No lag time or delegating, recruitment and sales attacked. Everyone worked together and pulled their weight to make sure we delivered to our contractors and customers on time.

The finance department’s performance was exemplary. The finance team’s communication with both sales and recruitment left no room for error. When they talked, we listened and acted. This team kept it together and pulled through a very stressful situation. Props to you finance!

What we all learned from last Tuesday was that no matter how difficult the situation can be, when we all come together to work towards a common goal we can succeed, which is exactly what happened. Timecard Tuesday was a success. We delivered.