Making Your New Years Resolution Part of Your Norm

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Making Your New Years Resolution Part of Your Norm

New-Years-resolution‘Finding Our Why’ has been a big theme at DAVIS Companies in 2017 and here we are about to bring in another New Year.  This is the time when friends and family talk about New Year resolutions and all the ways we are going to be better than we were the year before. But then we wait. We wait until the New Year, until January 1st to be better.  Why?

Well, I admit it is easy to get distracted by the holiday season with all the shopping and parties, and our everyday lives on top of that.  So it seems to make more sense to start later, right?  But how often do we set goals at the beginning of the new year and give up or forget them 3-6 months in?  Probably more often then we care to admit.  According to Business Insider, a whopping 80% fail by February.  February!!

Trying to accomplish one big goal can be overwhelming, almost impossible to achieve and certainly explains that 80% fail rate.  If you have a resolution this year try giving yourself a timeline and set small goals along the way.  Celebrate your successes and continue to push through to your main objective.

A long time ago someone told me that eating healthy isn’t about dieting it’s about making a lifestyle change.  Diets start and end but if you make healthy eating a part of your life it becomes who you are, part of your norm.  Why not apply the same theory to your new year resolution? If we think of our goals as ongoing then it becomes less like a means to an end and more like a new beginning.

Carpe Diem people!  We make these resolutions to become a better version of ourselves, to push our limits, try something new, or make a change. If starting today means you will already be better tomorrow then what are you waiting for!

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