Making Time for Your Passion Outside of Work

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Making Time for Your Passion Outside of Work

Making Time for Your Passion Outside of WorkRegardless of the type of job that you have, a majority of us often spend more time in the office then we do in our own homes. There’s nothing wrong with being a hard worker and putting in some extra hours, but it’s important to know that you still need to make time outside of work for YOU. And not only just making time in general, but specifically making extra time to focus on your passion.

Some of us may be lucky enough to have a career that combines both our job and our passion, but others may not. If you leave the office everyday yearning for more, try jumping back in to those things that you are most passionate about. What fuels your fire? Whether it’s creative writing, cooking, music, playing hockey, animals or volunteer work, if you’re not one of the lucky few who get to encompass that into your regular work day, it’s important to find time for those things once you get home.

If you need help finding or re-discovering your passion, I recommended taking some time to really think back on what has been a part of your being since you were younger. What was the thing that brought you true happiness? Before bills, and family obligations and responsibilities came into play, what was the thing that got you excited to wake up every day? Now, if that thing is no longer a part of your life, think back and figure out why. Consider the reasons why it may have slipped from your daily life, and if there is an alternative solution to bring it back. Maybe you injured your knee playing soccer and had to stop, but now can use your passion and experience to coach soccer to kids. Making your passion or hobby work for you is important, so make sure it is something you enjoy, but also something you can maintain.

Discovering or even re-discovering your passion and making time to enjoy it is critical. This will keep your mind challenged, your stress levels down, and your inner-self feeling complete. Balancing your career and having something that you’re excited about outside of the office can help lead to a happy and fulfilled life.