Making a Difference – It’s Why We Do What We Do at DAVIS

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Making a Difference – It’s Why We Do What We Do at DAVIS

It started with an email. The wife of one of our employees at a customer site emailed the recruiter that placed him. It was more than just a “thank you” note.  This email went viral in our office and was shared with recruiters, sales teams, corporate staff, our executives and showcases why we do what we do at DAVIS.

It’s not just work at DAVIS. It’s passion, helping people, the family feel, the great co-workers, the culture of fun, and the work hard play hard environment that goes back over 30 years to our roots.  We care about helping people in our communities and finding people careers and new opportunities. This is what drives our staff, every day.

So, when this email came in that showed passion and appreciation for how much this position has helped her family, we were all unbelievably touched by the family and the story. And that she took the time to share the story with us.

We were lucky to get to know the family further and spend time with them and their lovely teenage daughters.  We also asked them to share some of their thoughts with us about working with DAVIS.

Please enjoy this short video to hear about this employee’s experience working with DAVIS