Make Time for Team Building

Make Time for Team Building

team building
Who would you trust more, work harder for, and rather spend 40 plus hours a week with….someone you don’t really know, or someone you know on a personal level?

Often times in the work place, the importance of team building is not given nearly enough attention. Think about all of the sports teams that are successful. Do you think the players on the team trust that everyone is going to do their job in order to achieve the ultimate goal? Do you think they are willing to make sacrifice’s so they can all be successful? Do you think they genuinely care about one another? The teams that are successful all do.

For the past few months, my team here at DAVIS has been having monthly outings where we spend time together outside of the work place getting to know each other on a more personal level. We went out for drinks, and most recently went bowling which was a blast for a number of reasons. We didn’t talk about work, we talked about our families, where we grew up, what we like to do, and had a bunch of laughs. The Monday morning after our first outing, I noticed an immediate shift in the team culture. People seemed much more engaged, happier, and communication had improved. Those things have translated into our team being more successful in our professional lives as well.

We will continue to hold monthly team outings, we will continue to build comradery, and we will continue to succeed.

It is amazing what just a couple of hours out of the office will do to improve all of the time you spend in the office. If you are not incorporating this into your work team, I would highly recommend it.