Make Sure to Celebrate the Small Wins

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Make Sure to Celebrate the Small Wins

Make Sure to Celebrate the Small WinsWe’re in a society where many people expect positive recognition (a trophy) no matter the outcome, win or lose. By no means am I applying or agree with that. There are times when there needs to be negative criticism so people can improve and learn from what happened, or else nothing will change. On the other side, there should also be some form of positive recognition when a coworker or the team performs very well. There should be a balance of both scenarios. Emphasizing on the negative experiences can take away the feeling of being in a winning culture, but putting too much of the spotlight on positive recognition takes away from the weight or significance of success.

Here are some simple ways to highlight individual, team or company wins:


It’s great to take a moment to give a shout-out for individual or team achievement. Maybe someone crushed their numbers for the week or hit a personal goal like closing their first deal. It’s important for leaders to acknowledge a big accomplishment, either 1-on-1 or in front of their group. A great opportunity to do this is in the beginning of a meeting or shooting out an email blast recognizing the individual.

Set a Team Goal

Another way to celebrate a win is by setting a long-term company goal that everyone can partake in. This can motivate individuals and push them for the team because no one wants to have someone carry their weight. While they do better, they may end up achieving their own goals while contributing to the overall team’s success. You can come up with an incentive for the team if the goal is hit. Perhaps a hibachi dinner (or other fun outing)! Continue to update the team on the numbers and as time progresses to let everyone know where they are at or need to get to.

Have a Contest Between Teams

Who doesn’t love some friendly completion? Creating a contest between divisions or departments is an awesome way to push individuals to show what they can do. You can make the competition over the span of a day, week, month, quarter, etc. and track the progress for everyone to see. Bragging rights are a great motivator but a small prize for the winners works too!

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