Looking for Your Next Job? Draft Your Fantasy Staffing Team!

Looking for Your Next Job? Draft Your Fantasy Staffing Team!

fantasy staffing job searchIt’s the time of year again for Fantasy Football. Whether it’s an office pool, an online draft, or even getting together with friends and doing an all-day live draft; fantasy leagues run rampant as the NFL season quickly approaches. Which running back is going to be your work-horse? What QB is going to lead your team to victory? Which team’s defense is going to backstop you? These are all important questions Fantasy owners need to answer.

As a candidate – if you’re going to find the job that’s right for you, you need an entire team looking out for you. After chatting with a recruiter about your background, there are a ton of things going on behind the scenes; a team working together to get you placed into your next position.  Your next position and career is in the hands of your newly-drafted Fantasy Staffing Team.

ROUND 1: The Recruiter (Running-back)

In the first round of your Fantasy Staffing draft you need to pick your work-horse. This is person that’s going to go the extra mile (or yard) for you.  With your 1st round selection – you select your recruiter. Much like a running-back, the recruiter will garner the most points for you. They take the time to find out about your skills, strengths, weaknesses, and what you’re looking for in your next job. They seek our positions that match up to this skill-set, as well as serve as the middle-man between the hiring manager and yourself. This is the person that will be with you through the process from start to finish.

ROUND 2: Sales / Account Manager (Quarterback)

In the second round of your draft, you take a reliable Quarterback; the Account Manager. The Account Manager is often scheduling interviews with the hiring manager, while also providing feedback and details to the recruiter. The Account Manager is always calling the plays and leading the drive down the field. When it comes to offers, the Account Manager is often negotiating with the client to get the best deal possible for you as a candidate. Pleased with the extra week of vacation? You can thank your Account Manager for the win.

ROUND 3: Hiring Manager (Defense)

While picking your next job – the Hiring Manager is integral in the process. You need to draft a good hiring manager to work with because, much like in the NFL, your offense is only as good as your defense. The hiring manager needs to sell you on the company and opportunity, while also making sure your skill-set matches up. They also need to provide quick feedback and be available to set up interviews. Not to mention, the hiring manager will be your boss in the next step of your career.

While making your next career move, make sure to draft your Fantasy Staffing Team carefully.

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