Let’s Get Back to Work

Let’s Get Back to Work

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Disclaimer: What you’re about to read may depress you. My hope is that it rather serves as motivation to finish out your year in the strongest way possible.

Labor Day has just passed. Summer is officially over next week. The weather is cooling down and the workload is piling up. But hey, at least football is back right?

It is well-known and understood that workplace productivity takes a hit during the summer months. Yes, we all come to work and do our best, but it’s also the height of PTO season. Almost everyone is trying to make the most of these months, whether by taking vacation or spending more time with their children, family and friends. The weather is pretty good, too.

This week (the 1st full week after Labor Day Weekend) is when it’s time to come down from your summer high and kick it back into full gear. You may notice that suddenly you have more projects to work on. Perhaps your office is more abuzz and people across the board are ramping up their activity. Don’t despair – you are not alone.

Instead I suggest you embrace the fall rush. Take pride in your work and set new goals for yourself.

While you may have less leisure time, you can take satisfaction in the work you accomplish and the impact you make on your organization. Not to mention, you’ll start to appreciate the weekends even more.

So, even though this week might seem like a kick in the a**, your attitude about it is up to you.

Let’s get back to work.

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