Who Let the Dogs In!?

Who Let the Dogs In!?

Jaylee’s dog, Lorenzo.
The benefits of a dog-friendly work environment.

Work can be stressful, and dogs, well dogs are the absolute best. The ever growing trend of bringing your dogs to the workplace is certainly embraced here at DAVIS.  We are a full servicing staffing agency that also doubles as a kennel. I kid, but a few Fridays back we did have 12 dogs in office! As a new dog mum, I can’t emphasize what a remarkable perk it really is.  I see my dog, Lorenzo as a family member/ the sweetest angel that ever lived/my best friend that ever was/ perfect human baby dog, you get the picture. I am so grateful I get to share my entire work day with him.

Below are some of the main benefits that I’ve seen as a result of a dog-friendly work environment:

It Sets the Vibe in the Office:

The office becomes a fun, relaxing and easy-going place work place, where people can feel comfortable.

They Make You Move:

How easy it is to work through your lunch, or even stay a couple of hours late? We certainly work hard here, but a dog reminds you to take 5-10 minutes to grab some fresh air, walk away from your desk and clear your head.

More Communication and Collaboration

People get to know each other through their pets. A dog is an excuse to go up to a coworker you may not often talk with. Conversations come easy and when people are around dogs, they often feel relaxed as well as happy. Studies have demonstrated dogs in the work place can be good for business in regards to productivity, increased employee collaboration and lower stress levels.

Stress Relief:

The correlation between canine companionship and stress relief can be traced back for decades. When you are in a stressful situation a puppy grin can turn the whole day around. Also, sometimes a five minute walk with your four-legged, furry friend is just what the doctor ordered.

Dogs make people smile, give people an excuse to start a conversation and just make life a whole lot more enjoyable.  Are you already lucky enough to bring your dog into the office? Talk to Mr. Boss Man or Ms. Boss Lady and enlighten them on all the benefits.

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