Lessons from Opening Day to Apply to Your New Job

Lessons from Opening Day to Apply to Your New Job

Lessons from Opening Day to Apply to Your New JobIf you’re anything like me, MLB Opening Day is a big deal. It signals the turning of the seasons. It brings with it a new hope for the success of your franchise and, in turn, the optimism of a brighter future.

I refuse to acknowledge any other sport as America’s pastime. Baseball, unlike any other sport, lasts the majority of the year while working a regular schedule. It’s a grind. As a fan, you participate right along with your team’s roster through the ups and downs, injuries and rigors of the season. In this sense, I think that baseball is the most-relatable to the corporate world, and here are some lessons from opening day that I think can apply to everyone.

Trust in the Fundamentals

Despite a long Spring Training and endless amounts of reps, there’s nothing like regular season ball. The same goes for when you’re entering into a new venture. Your skills and expertise have been finely tuned over the course of years’ experience. Trust in yourself and your abilities. Starting with the fundamentals will leave you that much more at ease when entering into your new job. Be open and welcoming to new ways of doing things, while never forgetting that which you built your career on. The year is young.

Dream Big, Focus Small

Create a mental picture of how you want to see yourself at the end of the year. For major leaguers, the obvious answer is World Series Champions. Think about how you can make an impact on your team to maximize your successes over the course of the year. Setting targeted, achievable goals will help you along the way. Don’t be afraid to readjust as necessary.

Let the Water Roll Off of Your Back

If you’ve never played baseball before, it might be hard to imagine that to be a failure is a success. Hall-of-Famers are consistently successful just 3/10 times, and that doesn’t even factor in the defensive side of the game.

There will be challenges in starting your new job. At the very least, you will be confronted with a learning curve, not to mention adjusting to a new culture and your coworkers’ working styles. Do your best to take these challenges in stride. Keep the bigger picture in mind, and know that all will be well if you put in the time.

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