Kick-Off Your Company’s Success Like a Football Team

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Kick-Off Your Company’s Success Like a Football Team

Football card 2013I’m very excited to welcome football season back into our lives! In my opinion football is one of the best sports both athletically and intellectually. I think you can compare a NFL organization that constantly performs and executes at a high level, like the Patriots, to a well operating and performing company.

Unlike basketball where one dominant player can carry the team to victory, football requires the whole team to work together, for individuals to execute on their job and responsibilities, while captains lead and coaches manage through different situations. Successful, growing companies operate in a similar fashion.

Before squaring off against the competition it is the coach’s job to develop a game plan. The game plan is just like a business plan or operational plan; it is how the team or organization will achieve victory or their goals, while accounting for different situations and how the team plans to react. A good company will do the same thing. They will develop a road map that shows how they intend to achieve their goals. High performing individuals on the team or in the organization will do the same thing – a game plan for the week.

Football coaches need to recognize and understand the situation as it happens or before it happens. They will make adjustments or call the right play, just like managers and directors within a company. The employees out on the floor are the members of the offense or defense. Each person has a job to do, and a breakdown in execution could result in letting up a sack on the quarterback or giving up a touchdown. Bill Belichick is famous for telling members of his team, “just do your job.” If everyone does their job the team will be in a good position to execute and win the game.

Football is clearly a team sport and it takes a team effort to consistently perform at a high level. It takes a team effort for a company to win their big game, big contract, or big account – not to mention consistently deliver the best products or the best service the market has to offer.

What’s your game plan for this week, this year and beyond? Go Pats!