I Just Graduated – Now What? Job Search Tips for Recent Grads

I Just Graduated – Now What? Job Search Tips for Recent Grads

gradsThe end of July is around the corner which means for all you recent grads it has been about two months since graduation. As sad as it is, yes college is over. The realization is tough, I know. I’ve been there. Yesterday I was talking to a recent college grad about her summer intern plans, what her friends are doing for work, her major – the whole nine yards. Unfortunately there is no book that lays it all out. You should be a little confused, but also very excited for what lies ahead. In this week’s blog I am going to share a few tips and tricks to help you get prepared for the “real world.”

Since there is not just one book that will answer all your questions, my suggestion to you is to read more than one. You’ve had a break since those pesky finals and studying endlessly in the library. It is time to pick up a book, magazine or business journal. Read up on the most successful CEOs, the latest technologies and industries on the rise. Books and articles will help you to narrow down industries that interest you and target future companies that you would like to work for.

The summer season is on your side for networking. This time of year is known for social gatherings. You are constantly around people, maybe even meeting new people. Ask questions! People love talking about their jobs, how they got to where they are today and their passions. Picking someone’s brain can give you some direction in your job search.

The internet is at your fingertips. Use it. Make an account on job boards (Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder), and search open positions in your local area. Take some time to read job descriptions and don’t get stuck on titles. Companies may have openings with the same job titles but their responsibilities could be completely different. Do not overlook a position because of its title.

Last but not least connect with a Recruiter. We are here to help. One of the best parts of my job is listening to others and being able to provide feedback on what position they would be a good fit for based on their interests, passions and long term goals.