You Just Gave Your 2-Week Notice – Now What?

You Just Gave Your 2-Week Notice – Now What?

How to make the most of your last 2 weeks and leave a lasting impression.

2-week notice

So you decided it’s time to move on to your next opportunity and put in for your 2-week notice. No doubt your employer will be scrambling to find your irreplaceable replacement but this does not need to be a negative time for either you or your employer.  You can still go out with style and class by following a few of these tips below.

Give your employer a full 2-WEEK notice – Folks I can’t stress this enough, give your employer a full 2-week notice. These people have had your back for years the least you can do is let them know you will be moving on in two weeks. Yes, you are irreplaceable, but unfortunately your shoes will and must be filled. Giving your employer this time will allow them to start their search.

Assist with the search – If you really want to be a rock star you can help out your employer with searching for your replacement. Get the word out, tap into your network, post the position to your social media feeds. This shows that you care about the company’s future and who fills your shoes.

Wrap up your projects – Take these next two weeks to get projects finalized and complete your deadlines. Don’t slack on your work just because you’re leaving. Make sure you leave just as motivated as you came in.

Go out with a bang – Socialize with your co-workers, say your goodbyes, swap email addresses and phone numbers. Cherish the relationships you have built over your time with the company.

Now you are ready to make your transition. Best of luck with your new job!

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