It’s Spring Cleaning Time Both at Home and at Work

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It’s Spring Cleaning Time Both at Home and at Work

It’s Spring Cleaning Time Both at Home and at Work

Spring time is here and we (New Englanders) hope warm weather is on its way! During the winter months it’s easy to fall into a type of “sluggish” routine.  We avoid going outside because it is just too cold to get all bundled up to run errands or go to the gym. Despite our recent weather here in New England, spring is well under way which means it’s about that time we get anxious and antsy to be outside soaking up the sunshine.  The dark gloom of winter tends to drop a cloak over our lives, but once that sunshine returns everything is clearer. Whether you are in an apartment, your own home, or at work we start to look around and realize it’s time for Spring Cleaning!

I am one of those people who look forward to Spring Cleaning; specifically my closet at home but also my desk at work. If you are not one of those people but know it’s time to tidy up your desk, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


Wipe EVERYTHING down! In most office environments when one person is sick there are at least 5 more to follow. As we say good bye to flu season (and hello to allergies) now is a good time to dust your electronics and sanitize.


Go through any files or stacks of paperwork and ask yourself these questions: 1) Have you looked at this in the past year? 2) Can you come up with 3 reasons you might need it in the next year? If the answer is No to both THROW IT AWAY.


Head to the supply closet and grab a desk organizer, file sorters, whatever you think you need.  It’s no secret you get more work done in a clean, organized work space.


Have a company phone list from a year ago? How about an old procedure book? Check for an updated version and replace the outdated one.

Once you’re done it’s normal to have a feeling of accomplishment and success. Your work space has been refreshed!  Now you can spend your time at work being more productive and efficient versus spending time trying to find the work under a mess.

Happy Cleaning!