Is this a Good Time to Invest in Talent? Yes!

Is this a Good Time to Invest in Talent? Yes!

Is this a Good Time to Invest in Talent_ Yes!

While organizations are still being impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the continuation of shelter in place ordinances, there has been a flood of talented individuals that have been impacted through lay-offs, furloughs, and business closures.  For forward-thinking companies, the question being asked is this: How can we position ourselves to take advantage of the amazing talent that is currently on the market today?

While this is an unprecedented time within our country, we will eventually get to a new normal. Organizations that create talent strategies for today’s current environment will win the war for the top talent on the market, giving them a sizable advantage as we come out the other side.  Think about this for a moment, many of these exceptional individuals currently unemployed were not available just two and a half months ago.  What resources might an organization have expended trying to attract this talent? Now this talent is sitting there waiting to be scooped up!

Companies that are more concerned about their balance sheets and tightening their belts will miss this opportunity and will eventually lose the overall war for talent that was raging in this country just a few months back.  This pandemic has changed us and forced us into a new normal, however the rules of the talent game really have not changed.  Without securing the best talent within your respective industries eventually you will be surpassed by your competitors.  Now is the time to engage, take advantage of the incredible pool of talent and strike while the iron is hot, I know we at The DAVIS Companies are, how about you?

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