Invest 10 Minutes in Organizing Your Day and Reap the Rewards

Invest 10 Minutes in Organizing Your Day and Reap the Rewards

organize your dayDo you ever feel that the day gets away from you? That you didn’t really accomplish all you had hoped for? That you know you were busy but you didn’t get to all of the important things? We’ve all been there, but what can you do about it? 

Start with a list. I know it sounds easy, but stopping to write down what you MUST accomplish that day is a critical first step.  Everyone loves crossing things off their to-do list, but you have to make the list first. You need to think about what you WANT to do before getting caught up in the busy work. And be realistic about what you can accomplish each day! Write your list at night before you get into bed or start your list when you start your day, whenever is best for you.

Work on doing similar activities together in a batch fashion. Make/return all your calls, then tend to your emails and finally run out and do your errands.  Or work on your cover letter, apply to several jobs and then make your follow-up calls.  Once you get into a routine doing that activity, it’s easier to keep the momentum going.

Reward yourself for the accomplishment of working smarter. You need the positive reinforcement to do it again tomorrow. You might not get it all done, but that’s ok. You made progress and progress needs to be rewarded. It takes 21 days for something to become routine.

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