Interview Preparation Playbook

Interview Preparation Playbook

Are you ready for the big interview tomorrow?

interview preparation playbook

Doing your homework and being fully prepared can be the key to a successful interview. These 10 sites will provide you with a wealth of interview preparation information:

  1. Company website– Go to the company website. It sounds simple, and that’s why it is first. Companies provide so much information on their website. Take time to learn about what the company does or the product, the history, current leadership, recent news or blog posts, and often selling points of what it’s like to work there.
  2. Glassdoor– This site will have company reviews, interview, and salary information. Take reviews with a grain of salt, as a disgruntled employee’s negative review may not reflect the experience of others, but these can give you a great impression of the company culture and morale. Interview reviews can give you some hints of potential questions to expect.
  3. LinkedIn– LinkedIn will tell you if you know anyone working there, how big the company is, what other people in the company do, and other useful company information. If you know who you are interviewing with, check out their personal page to learn more about them, where they use to work, where they went to school, and what their job is. Look for any insights or commonalities that can give you a leg-up in the interview.
  4. Google– Searching the company on Google can give you more on the competitors, founders, history, and relevant news or press releases.
  5. Twitter– A company’s official twitter page will show you what is important to them, interesting news or events, and more about the product or service.
  6. YouTube–  Video has become a go-to tool for marketing, sales, and recruiting. Searching the company on YouTube can give you a simple and visual explanation of the product, a detailed demo of how it works, or some insight into the company culture or leadership.
  7. Facebook– Check out the company Facebook page for pictures of the teams, office, or events. You can also find company news, reviews, and events.
  8. Google Maps– Find out where you are going. If you have time, drive to the office in advance to plan the best route and be sure you know how to get in. If you don’t have time, be sure you plan out when you should leave and where to go when you get there.
  9. Financial Information Sites– If the company is public, going to Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, or other stock information sites can be useful to see company performance and trends. If they are private, this information may be difficult to find. CrunchBase is a great spot to learn about funding, especially if you are interviewing at a start-up.
  10. Instagram– Instagram is a newer recruiting and marketing tool that has been increasing in popularity in the corporate world. Pictures on Instagram can tell you a lot about your future co-workers and company culture.

Now that your research is complete, build a list of questions, print out several copies of your resume, pick out your outfit and you are ready to go!

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