The Importance of Encouragement and Community at Work

The Importance of Encouragement and Community at Work

Leadership Lessons I Learned at the Gym

encouragement and community

Back in April I was craving a challenge that would take me out of my comfort zone. I was bored with the elliptical, matt crunches and free weights at my sports club, so I decided to sign up for a CrossFit gym. I was terrified, but definitely excited. Little did I know CrossFit would teach me so much more than just how to lift, box jump and burpee. I have learned the importance of encouragement and community, which I not only apply at the gym but at work.

Just last week I was about 10 minutes into the WOD (Workout of the Day) – EXHAUSTED. My knees were weak and I was ready to surrender. I looked up and a fellow CrossFit member running in the opposite direction said to me, “Nice job – we got this!” At that moment I had a burst of motivation to push myself to finish this work out. Not only did her encouragement motivate me to keep going, it also made me want to pass on the motivation she bestowed on me to others. This is the kind of community that CrossFit has created.

As a team recruiting lead at The DAVIS Companies, this was a learning experience for me and a reminder of how important employee encouragement is. I was reminded that day to make sure I consistently show support and confidence in my team, and celebrate the wins when we hit our goals. Encouraging your colleagues and creating a team environment yields a sense of community with one another. When you are a member of a group, there is a sense of belonging. This drives an individual to work harder towards a common goal.

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