How to Use the “New” LinkedIn Better

How to Use the “New” LinkedIn Better

linkedinLinkedIn can be a great tool for networking, career searching, and business development. Recent changes to the user interface and layout have been confusing. Here are some tips to make your experience better.

  1. Fix Your Profile Picture

First, have a picture! Potential customers and employers see the picture as a sign of professionalism. Present yourself well in this picture. If you can, have a professional take a well-lit, centered, and simple picture.

The picture is now a circle; make sure you don’t crop out half of your face!

  1. Add a Background Photo

Take advantage of the space for a background photo! It is a great spot for your company logo and branding.

  1. 5 Word Headline

The headline section right below your name is what people will see the most. Every time you appear on the home page, mobile app, “Who has viewed your profile” page, or someone comes to your profile, these section should quickly tell them who you are and what you do.

Keep it brief, especially on the mobile app, you only have space for 5 words. This is a great spot to describe what you do or your job title. Based on your reason for using LinkedIn, you can decide which suits your needs better.

  1. Share Relevant Content

Remember this platform is not Facebook! Keep it professional, but share relevant articles, information, or updates that matter to your industry, colleagues, and peers.

LinkedIn does a great job letting you know the impact of your post. Next time you share an article check out the new Post Analytics tools!

analytics 1

analytics 2

  1. Search

The new search format is one of the toughest parts to get used to.

When you are looking someone up, use Boolean modifiers AND, OR, and quotations to keep phrases or names together. For example if you are looking for me, search (“Tyler Pearl” AND “Davis Companies” AND recruiter).

It helps to include the company name, if you know where the person works.

You can now limit your search only by geographical area, (for example: Greater Boston Area), not by zip code.

The Keywords section is very useful to narrow your search. Say you are looking for an Engineering Manager or Director, you can search for Engineering AND (manager OR director)

  1. Add connections!

Use LinkedIn to grow and stay in touch with your network. If you have less than 100 connections, people may be less likely to connect with you. They may assume you don’t use it. Aim to grow your network to at least 500 connections.

For help in using LinkedIn and optimizing your profile reach out on LinkedIn or Twitter!


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