How to Survive Your First Week on the Job

How to Survive Your First Week on the Job

How to Survive Your First Week on the Job

The first week at a new job is always a time of mixed emotions. You want to prove your worth and show your potential to coworkers that seem like complete strangers. Before you lose faith in yourself, take a step back and look at how far you have come thus far. Chances are that each experience, good or bad, has formed you into the well-rounded person you are today. Here are 5 Ways to Survive Your First Week on the Job.

Ask Questions

When people start a new job, they often find it difficult to approach unfamiliar faces with questions they believe could be viewed as dumb. No one expects you to know everything, especially not in your first few weeks. Coworkers are your very own support system, guiding you through this unfamiliar path. To avoid asking the same question twice, take notes as they walk you through each step.

Make Yourself Approachable

Building a strong relationship with your colleagues is essential to creating a strong team environment in which you can trust and grow. Getting to know your coworkers can be difficult, especially if you are someone who has trouble remembering names. Find out if your organization has a page with employee names and pictures. This can really save you and impress others with your “memory”.

Try to smile as much as you can! People are more likely to approach you if you seem like you want to talk. Greet colleagues and spark up conversations as much as possible. Where you work is practically your second home, so make yourself some new friends.

Understand Your Job Description

Understanding your job role, responsibilities and overall expectations is one of the most important things when accepting a new position. Your job description should be an outline of the duties you are expected to perform throughout your time at the company. Grabbing lunch with your manager is a great way to hash out any discrepancies you feel the job description may have. If you don’t understand everything, this could directly affect your overall performance.

Work At Your Own Pace

When you first start out in an unfamiliar position, it is important to conquer one assignment at a time. We get so caught up in trying to impress our managers and coworkers, we often forget what is most important. When you rush through your work, unnecessary mistakes can be made. Until you are comfortable in the position, work at a pace that will allow you to get things done right the first time. Consistency will impress your manager more than a rushed project with multiple mistakes.

Believe in Yourself

Last but not least, believe in yourself! You can have all the support in the world, but your most important fan is you. If you have faith that you can do something and give it your all, chances are you will achieve it.

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