How to Leverage Social Media in Your Job Search 

How to Leverage Social Media in Your Job Search 

Are you looking for a job? Your social media presence can be a powerful tool to connect with potential employers. It’s important to learn how to optimize your social media spaces to get you closer to landing your dream job.

In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of leveraging social media platforms to form a firm personal brand that can make hiring you desirable to employers. Let’s help you unlock the best practices for digital networking.


Social Media Today: A Channel for Job Search 

The internet and social media have advanced the way we connect with brands and how we look for jobs. People can now get real-time updates from the organizations they follow and interact with them through comments and messages.

According to Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans are now on social media, and a good number of them are taking advantage of social media to look for jobs, share work opportunities with friends, and showcase their skills to potential employers. Additionally, 13 percent of users say that their presence on social media has helped them find a job.

The research also reveals that 35 percent of users have tapped onto social media to look for jobs and 21 percent have submitted an application for a job they first saw on a social media site. 34 percent have informed their friends about job openings at their workplace through social media.

On top of this, 13 percent of social media users found a job with the help of information they posted.¹ Social media can help you too, so why not make the most of it?


Optimize Your Social Media Brand 

You need to first create an online presence that displays your brand if you want to leverage social media for your job search. This may include your skills, experiences, and personality.


Try Googling Yourself

Your first step to optimizing your social media is to Google yourself. Always assume that recruiters will be checking your profiles before sending you an interview invite.

Check what pops up about you. In case you find any inappropriate photos or posts, immediately take them down from your pages or adjust your accounts’ privacy settings.

But it’s also crucial that recruiters and employers can find you on social media, so keep some of your work-related information public. These include your professional skills and work history.


Focus on Maintaining a Few Platforms

Try maintaining only a few social media accounts to make sure your pages are always up to date. You can focus on two of them, such as LinkedIn for your primary profile for job searching.

Make sure that all your posted contact details are correct and that the employment history you post, especially on your LinkedIn profile, matches what is on your resume.

If you have any accounts you haven’t used in years, set them private or take them down entirely so they won’t come up when recruiters look for your accounts.

Let employers know you’re available to hire. For instance, on LinkedIn, you can change your settings to reflect your availability. You can also specify the positions you’re interested in to help you appear in search results when recruiters are looking for their candidates.


Include Your Social Pages in Your Website or Resume

Recruiters use social media to connect with candidates. If you have a website showcasing your qualifications, skills, and certifications, remember to add links to your social media sites. You can also include social links in your resume, especially if it’s a PDF uploaded online.

Think of your social media profiles as informal recommendations. They showcase your integrity and value. Sharing your profiles with employers shows transparency and gives them insights into your personality before the interview.

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Make Yourself Available

Once you’re comfortable with the way your social media accounts look, it’s time to let everyone know you’re looking for your next job opportunity.

Make a public post that lets people know you’re looking for a job. Describe the job and industry you’re eyeing and include a link to your most recent resume. You may also briefly mention your skills on the post to catch people’s attention.

For Facebook and Twitter, you can add hashtags to your post that are relevant to the job you’re looking for.


Attract and Connect with the Right People 

Job seekers often overlook social networking. Here is some career advice on how you can leverage social media recruitment.


Take Advantage of Facebook Lists

Facebook lists are a great way to connect with professionals and build your social network while keeping your private and professional lives separate.

You can create a list by visiting “Account” then “Friends”. There will be an option to let you create a list. Remember to customize the privacy settings to keep people from seeing your personal updates.


Join Conversations on Twitter Regarding Your Industry

Twitter can help you build referrals simply by engaging with industry influencers. Find and follow people who work in your industry, particularly those around your area. Join in their conversations to make yourself known.

You can also choose to join conversations with job seekers and recruiters on Twitter through relevant hashtags such as #jobhuntchat, #jobsearch, #nowhiring, and #careerchat.


Join Industry-Specific Facebook Groups

Industry-specific groups will help you quickly find job openings on the platform as recruiters and professionals in your field join these too.

It’s also a great way for you to be updated on any industry trends and issues. You can even discuss relevant topics or ask for advice from other professionals in the group regarding your job search.

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Engage with Industry Leaders

Consider expressing your passion for your field and engaging with industry leaders. This job search strategy will increase your chances of getting hired as it’s a way to share your knowledge and expertise with others.

For starters, you can join conversations on LinkedIn and Facebook. Leave comments that help broaden the topic they’re discussing. You can also post and repost subjects that are relevant to your work experience and values.

Twitter is also another ideal space to engage industry leaders and establish yourself as a thought leader. You can share your insights and comments about news articles. This way, you’re both connecting with people and building your brand.

Remember to research the topics well before engaging or posting, especially if it’s something new to the industry.


Start Your Job Search 

As you establish your brand and connect with more people, don’t forget to look for job opening posts and submit your resume. Here are things you should keep in mind.


Follow Companies You are Interested In

Through social media, you can follow companies you’re interested in. This allows you to get timely updates on what job openings they’re posting about.

You can also ask your friends to send you links to the pages of companies they’re working for. This allows you to have more chances of finding opportunities for yourself. You can also ask a friend to refer you in case they have a job opening at their workplace.


Use Social Media for Research

Maximize your use of social media during your job search by checking the pages of the companies you’re interested in and familiarizing yourself with their content. Most active employers will post relevant information and share articles regarding the activities of their companies.

Doing this can help you strengthen your job application if you decide to apply for any of their openings in the future. This is because you can better customize your application based on what they’re looking for, such as listing down soft skills on your resume relevant to their company values and culture.

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Social Media Lets You Elevate Your Job Hunting 

Job seekers like you should maximize social media to connect and build your social presence. It’s a great way to find your next big opportunity and learn from industry experts and other job applicants to help you stay relevant in the industry.



If you’re considering making a career move, Davis Companies can help you utilize your social media to connect with the right opportunities. We have a team of recruiting experts committed to helping you succeed.

We can help you find professional, engineering, technical & IT, or manufacturing positions. Contact us today! You can also check our job openings to have an idea of the positions we’re hiring for.



1 Smith, Aaron. “Searching for Work in the Digital Era.” Pew Research Center, 19 Nov. 2015,

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