How To Get the Most Out Of A Conference

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How To Get the Most Out Of A Conference

How To Get The Most Out Of A Conference

There are conferences and summits for nearly every profession and interest now, which is great! Some conferences are generic networking events, some are for learning, and some are industry specific to sharpen your skills. To ensure that you get the most out of the conference you’re attending, follow these tips!

Do Your Research

Large summits and conference bring together some of the most influential and most successful professionals in the industry. You can look on the website to see who will be speaking and also who will be attending. You can do some networking before getting there by connecting with like-minded professionals. You can also do some extra research on the speakers/panelists so that you are familiar with the topic at hand (if you weren’t already!)

Make a Plan

Many conferences are huge, multi-day, multi-venue events. Before you go you should do ample research to see which lectures you want to attend, which events you want to attend, and even create a map or personal itinerary for the day. If you have the flexibility to choose your own schedule you will definitely want to go into the conference with a plan.

Business Cards

Not only should you make sure you bring business cards but you should bring more business cards than you will actually need. Also remember to get a business card from every person you meet. The worst thing would be to hit it off with someone only to go home prepared to send an email, and you realize you don’t have their contact information. Trading business cards is the most effective networking tool at a conference, so make sure you pack extras!

Go in with an Open Mind

Maybe you’re new to the industry or maybe you’ve been in the industry for 20 years. Either way, you have plenty to learn and many people to meet. Going into any conference or summit with an open mind will enhance your experience and ensure that you leave the conference with new information and feeling accomplished.

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