How to Dress for a Job Interview [VIDEO]

How to Dress for a Job Interview [VIDEO]

Hello from Hollywood! I just finished my first video shoot here at DAVIS! The video, entitled How to Dress for a Job Interview, discusses the ever-so-important dos and don’ts of interviewing. Together my team and I had a lot of fun, filming mock scenarios of two different job seekers. How to dress and come prepared for an interview may be obvious to you, but I know it’s not so obvious for others. I have had candidates show up in pajamas.  So without further ado, let’s take a look at the video!

In the first scene of How to Dress for a Job Interview, we are introduced to Kim. Kim looks more prepared for a night out at the Jersey Shore than she does for an interview. She did not bring copies of her resume, was not properly dressed and lacked eye contact with anything besides her cell phone. When we first meet her, she is sending a text while greeting the receptionist up front. First impressions with anyone at the company are vital, whether that be the receptionist of your interviewer. Kim also expresses poor body language throughout her entire interview.

Taylor is a prime example of a very professional, well-prepared job seeker. She comes dressed in conservative business attire and brings a portfolio along with her resume. She keeps steady eye contact, sits up straight and is very engaged with Bryan during the interview. Taylor also makes sure to walk out with Bryan and thank him for taking the time to meet with her. Last impressions are very important as well!

The gang and I had an absolute blast shooting this video, and we hope you keep some of our helpful tips in mind the next time you find yourself interviewing! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great stuff from DAVIS!


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