How Does A Staffing Agency Actually Work?

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How Does A Staffing Agency Actually Work?

man-writing-white-board-davis-companiesYou may of heard of a staffing firm or staffing agency before and may have even been contacted by a recruiter about a possible job opportunity. But, when it comes down to it, do you know how these companies operate or what they do? Here’s a quick rundown on how working with a staffing agency actually works!

I’ve never used a staffing agency before. How does it work?

Organizations will reach out to staffing agencies with open positions either due to lack of resources, expertise or time constraints. The staffing firm will then gather a thorough understanding of the company and the open role and post job openings on the Internet for job seekers to review. During this time, the staffing firm will also proactively seek qualified job seekers for the open roles for its customer. Job seekers can apply for positions and upload their resumes on the staffing agency’s website.

The staffing firm’s recruitment team will eview resumes from job seekers who have applied to the job to see if their skills are a match for the role.

A recruiter will schedule phone and face-to-face interviews with job seekers to discuss the position they’ve applied for as well as other potential job opportunities.

Once a recruiter is able to match a job seeker’s skill set and desired role, they will then contact their customer to see if the job seekers’ qualifications are a good match for their open position.

If it’s a suitable fit for both the customer and the job seeker, a job offer is presented to the job seeker. The job seeker can consider their employment offer or continue to have their resume matched with future job offerings within their area of expertise.