Hope for the Holidays

Hope for the Holidays

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During this holiday season, and especially this year, there are many local families facing hardships and financial challenges resulting in children and adults going without any gifts. This year, we kept our holiday traditions alive and teamed up with United Way of Tri-County for our annual Hope for the Holidays program!

In years past, on our office Christmas tree we hung tags, each labeled with a child, their ages, sizes and a few wish list items that they’d like and each person would get to choose a tag and pick which child they wanted to sponsor. While this year looked different than most, we kept the holiday sprit alive by instead hosting a virtual draft to pick a child to help!

This year, our team in our Massachusetts office was able to sponsor 27 children and are helping their families by making sure they have presents under the tree.  The gifts ranged from much needed and appreciated clothes and boots, to electronics, bikes, arts and crafts, games, trucks and dolls of all sizes.  Even though we may be remote, it brings our office together to help give back to those in our community and reminds us what this time of year is all about.

How are you giving back this year? If you would like to get involved, visit https://www.uwotc.org/hope-holidays-0

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