In Honor of National Boss Day, I Interviewed One of Our Best

In Honor of National Boss Day, I Interviewed One of Our Best

Michelle Paul
Michelle Paul, Recruiting Manager

National Boss Day is October 16th; a holiday that came to fruition after Ms. Patricia Bays Haroskis, a receptionist for State Farm registered the day in 1958 with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The significance of the date you ask? It was her boss’s birthday! The holiday continues to stand and is even celebrated as far as Australia and Egypt.

After just celebrating my one year with the DAVIS Fam, I am humbled and grateful to celebrate my very special boss lady/best friend. Some people live a lifetime never having the opportunity to work for ONE good boss. She is not only an inspiration but she accepts my weird accents, knows when I need a morale boost and is always pushing me to do my absolute best. I would rather chop my right arm off than disappoint her, and I know at the end of the day she is my biggest cheerleader.  So I would like to introduce the world to the woman, the legend, the Shero that is Michelle Paul. I stole a couple of minutes of her time to interview her and get some insights on what makes her so great.

What makes a good boss?

Handling problems immediately, supporting your employees and working by example. I never ask my team to do something I would not do myself.

Great bosses know they need to mirror the behaviors they want to see in their office. If they want authentic, honest employees, then they need to model those characteristics in every interaction and conversation. A leader can set the tone of the whole organization with their actions.

What do you like best/worst about your job?

Best: THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worst: When you hire someone new and it doesn’t work out. I hate to see someone fail. It is so hard to put in time, training and energy into an employee that does not succeed. You can lead a camel to water but you can’t make them drink.

Obviously, Michelle has the best team in the office. If you don’t know…you better ask somebody!

Can you list 5 traits necessary to be a good boss?

1. Good listener

2. Positive attitude

3. Give credit to your team

4. Honesty

5. Respect

On a scale of in love or head-over-heels in love, how much do you love working with me?

I love working with you Jaylee, you are the best we are tripling your salary.

WAHOO! …Okay that one was me.

However you choose to celebrate National Boss Day, make sure you take some time out of your day to show some respect to your boss lady/man. Say thanks, buy them a cup of coffee or maybe an Iphone 6. Whatever you deem appropriate, just give thanks!




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