How-To Guide on Coping/Becoming Friends with a Long Commute

How-To Guide on Coping/Becoming Friends with a Long Commute

commuteAh, the joys of sitting in traffic, riding the brakes and worrying if you’ll make it to work on time…

I have been a working professional for the past 6 years and, until recently, I have never had a commute less than 45 minutes long. Please don’t take this as me complaining. I’ve heard horror stories of people commuting 100+ miles each way to work including planes, trains, boats and automobiles. Below I’m going to attempt to teach you how to make commuting your friend…or at least a tolerable in-law.

Step 1:  Make Yourself Comfortable

However long it takes you to get to work, your commute is inevitable part of your day-to-day life. You wouldn’t want to spend your free time in an uncomfortable environment, so make sure your commuting time is as comfortable as possible. Keep your car clean and smelling good, and add some personality to your cabin!

Step 2:  Take Advantage of Your Time  

According to Texas A&M’s annual mobility study, the average American commuter spends 38 hours per year stuck in traffic. That number can nearly double for those commuting into big cities. Chances are you don’t want to spend the equivalent of a week’s worth of work (or vacation) sitting still in your car, so take advantage of this time!

Here are some ideas for your viewing pleasure:

  • Listen to an e-book
  • Create a custom playlist for each of your work days to spice things up
  • Stream world news to keep up on current events
  • Eat a portable breakfast
  • Catch up with your friends/relatives on the phone
  • Plan your day
  • Practice a presentation
  • Work on your singing voice and/or upper body dance moves

Step 3:  Embrace Your Commute

Nobody is discrediting the downsides of a long commute. Traffic may be out of your control, but YOU can control your attitude about it. Rather than scorning your commute, maintain a positive attitude and make it a part of your identity. You’ll be at work or at home in no time!

Do you have any other tips to help ease the pain of a long commute? Comment below or Tweet me @BenKeylor.