The Great 2016 Job Migration

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The Great 2016 Job Migration

job migrationA recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder found that more than one-fifth, or 21% of employees plan to leave their current employers over the course of 2016. Besides salary, the top reasons for employees to consider a job move according to the survey results were Job Stability, Benefits, Location, Good Boss, and Good Work Culture.

One-fifth of employees looking to move seemed high to me. I thought of it as if I were leading an organization and one-fifth of my employees were planning to move to another job this year. For starters, I would look for ways to retain as many of them as I could. Replacing employees is costly and could potentially damage my reputation among candidates in the market. I’d look at the reasons for switching jobs that the survey participants sited, and see what I could control within my organization.

If I were to choose one factor to focus on in 2016 it would be work culture, and how I could positively impact the culture of my organization. In fact, that would be my New Year’s Resolution. Leaders need to know what their employees value, and third party surveys are a great way to gain that insight.

If you’re a business leader, and your reading this what would you do to retain more employees in 2016? What is your New Year’s Resolution?