Grateful As F***

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Grateful As F***

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Last week was a tough week to be an American and at times…a human.  The conversation lacked nuance and focused on blame. The hysteria took away too much from the voices we needed to hear.  It affected me. I love challenges and problems, and the racial divide sweeping our country has me left with zero to say.  I also realized, saying anything or nothing doesn’t matter, but action matters.

My two actions:

Speak with my children, because I’m confident in my ability to raise them to see others by the content of their character but also want them to be strong enough to stand up when they see injustice.  It’s a small start but I had to start somewhere.

Second, was to address the negativity in the world with my work family. I obviously didn’t hit everything, and it’s not perfect, but neither am I.

So last Friday I got vulnerable with our team and shared this email, because as a leader I figured others were experiencing similar frustration and a roller coaster of emotions, but probably weren’t speaking up.

The response rate directly to me and also as a “reply all” was very surprising.  Especially for a hot summer’s Friday in New England!  Since it impacted so many, I figured let’s share it with the world as we could all use more positivity right now.

Hi Team,

The last few months have certainly been a roller coaster of emotions…and that’s just at work!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had a few hard days recently, feeling like I “wasn’t moving the ball forward” or getting the results in the time I expected.  I’m certainly wired with impatience, but I can imagine the sentiment has been felt by everyone over the last few months.

Negative information is incredibly abundant right now, with every app opened or TV turned on. With a little help from this team I’ve been able to change my perspective and it hasn’t just helped my mentality, but it’s filled me with tons of energy.

A simple practice of focusing on what your grateful for, which all too often goes under the radar.

  • I’m grateful for my family and children.
  • Grateful we work at a company with strong financial management.
  • Grateful I get to eat lunch at home with my kids now!
  • Grateful we can do our jobs from almost anywhere!
  • Grateful for the effort in our company to keep progressing through challenging times!
  • I’m especially Grateful for my team.  It’s been great to have a team to lean on and trust.

Thanks for doing this together team DAVIS, I must admit I’m excited for the days when we are all together for a Summerfest style party…But I’m going to enjoy every day until then!

What are you grateful for today?