Get a New Job without Leaving Your Company

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Get a New Job without Leaving Your Company

Get a New Job without Leaving Your Company

When looking for a new job, sometimes you do not need to look very far. We all get content, complacent, and even reach the point of boredom, discontent, or down right misery sometimes with our work. Switching up your job can reinvigorate you, renew your sense of purpose, and make work fun again. If your company, commute, co-workers, or culture are great, then maybe you do not need to leave!

As I move into my 5th “job” in 5 years, I have been fortunate to be able to stay at the DAVIS Companies. Great co-workers, culture, and leaders make it a great place to work, but each time I transition and take on new responsibilities, routines, and risks I am even more excited to come to work every day! Having new opportunities and new goals is refreshing.

If you are feeling the itch to try something new, here are some ways to change your job, without having to leave your company:

  1. Take on a new project:

Are you going to be developing a new product, bringing in a new customer, or driving an initiative such as quality or process improvement? Projects are an exciting way to mix up your goals and responsibilities.

  1. Mentor:

If there is an opportunity to mentor new or more junior team members, this can be a great way to get excited again. Teaching can be inspiring and empowering when you see someone else learn and succeed!

  1. Move up the ranks:

Look for an opportunity to advance. If your boss is looking to grow as well, position yourself to be ready to take on their role. Building relationships with your fellow team members is also essential if this is your goal. If you are ready to lead, your company will value your enthusiasm.

  1. Join another team:

If the company is great, maybe you just need to change your team. Perhaps your company is adding a new group and you can transition, or maybe another team has a spot that could use your expertise.

  1. Participate in a group:

At DAVIS we just started several internal groups that will be driving initiatives. The time commitment is a few hours a month, but the ability to collaborate with a cross-functional group and rally behind a cause gives you’re another purpose!

Talk to your close co-workers, mentors, and bosses to see what opportunities may be available. Don’t stay stagnant! Your company would love to keep you and your renewed engagement in your work will go a long way towards helping your grow.