My Favorite Interview Question to Ask

My Favorite Interview Question to Ask

Question Mark

Some interviewers pride themselves on asking tough interview questions. Big Wall Street firms are known for asking crazy, odd thought provoking questions, like “If you were an appliance, what kind would you be and why?”  My style is more conversational and I prefer to connect with the person I’m interviewing-not scare them to death.  My favorite interview question is  ”How would your family/friends describe you?”

“How would your family/friends describe you?” is not a difficult question that requires a lot of thought to know how to answer. Sometimes people do jump in and answer it too quickly. But the reality for me is, how you answer this question tells me how you think others see you-family and friends usually have different perspectives.

 Because this question has you answer about what other people think, the person being interviewed is normally quite candid and honest with their response. They are normally a bit surprised by the question-thinking it’s an easy one. The reality is, the insight they provide answering this question can tell you things that the candidate might not have revealed during the interview.

 How your family describes you-think about it. Are you the family clown? The “responsible” one? The spoiled one? The way you respond may seem quick but realize there is more to this question than you think.

How do your friends describe you? This one can obviously be a sand pit if you’re not careful. “My friends see me as the one always ready to go out and party” may send your possible new employer some negative signals.  Having fun isn’t normally a problem but it depends how you respond. And if you share wild details. Remember, it is an interview.

Think about how “Your family/friends describe you” and know that the interviewer is paying close attention to your answers. What do you think of this question?

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