The Do’s and Don’ts: Tattoos and Piercings in an Office

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The Do’s and Don’ts: Tattoos and Piercings in an Office

Tattoos and piercingsSeeing working professionals with multiple piercings and exposed tattoos is becoming more common as younger people enter the workforce. More than any other generation, Millennials are all about being uniquely individual, whether it is with the way they dress, the piercings they have or the tattoos that they get. However, it is still important to look professional in an office setting, especially if you will be in contact with customers or clients. Keep these things in mind while searching for a job if you have large, visible tattoos and/or piercings.

  • Can you cover it? Some tattoos can be covered with clothing. Tattoos anywhere on your midriff or back will be easily covered if you are wearing appropriate work clothes. If you have a tattoo that peaks out of a sleeve, will wearing a watch or bracelet keep it covered? These are all things to keep in mind for a corporate setting, but keep in mind that not all employers will have strict rules about tattoos and piercings. It’s always best to find out before an interview rather than during.
  • Can it be taken out? This obviously refers to piercings rather than tattoos, but if you have a non-conventional piercing (i.e. not ears) you should consider removing it for a job interview and then asking about the company’s policy. You do not have to find out the hard way, by them telling you that your piercing is inappropriate. Nose piercings are becoming very common, especially among younger women, but rather than wearing a hoop you can change it to a stud to add more sophistication to your interview look. Lip, eyebrow or any other facial piercings are still more taboo. Removing those before an interview could help you win over older generations.

As frustrating as it is to have to cover or change the choices you made to your body, some organizations are more relaxed about tattoos and piercings than others. Of course, tattoos and piercings are more common in some professions than others, but it is important to check with your future or current employer to make sure your appearance is appropriate for the workplace.

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