Do’s & Don’ts: Crafting an Interview Thank You Letter

Do’s & Don’ts: Crafting an Interview Thank You Letter

Thank you

There is strong value in writing a thank you message to those that have taken their time to meet with you. Depending on the position you interviewed for the style and context can greatly vary. Start your letter by thanking the person for taking their time to meet with you. Also, show your excitement about the opportunity to join the company and helping the team.

Use the following paragraphs and get into the details of what was said during the interview and how you can be a valuable member of their team to make yourself stand out more. Include some of your skills and experiences that show you have what it takes!

Make sure to finish thanking the interviewer again for their time and consideration and how you look forward to any next moves in the process. Also let them know that they can reach out to you for any questions or concerns and leave your phone number and email address after signing your name.


Take Good Notes

During your interview you should have jotted down notes from key traits, skills, tips, and questions that came up. The stronger your notes for each individual that you interviewed with the better suited you are when writing your letter. Incorporate these notes into your letter to personalize it and show you really did put some effort into it.

Be Confident

Not only are you thanking your interviewers but this is a time to remind them of WHY you are the right person for the role. Position yourself to show off your traits and experiences to match what the position and team. Don’t fluff yourself up too much and get off the topic. Most importantly, do not exaggerate your abilities!

Proofread Your Work

Show that you have the communication skills and show your attention to detail – little typo’s can be the difference between getting offered the position or not. Definitely have a friend or family member read and edit your letter too. While going over everything make sure that you cut down any unnecessary wording. You want to keep your letter between a minimum of one paragraph to at most one page, depending on the position you interviewed for.


Be Generic

Sending the same letter to the individuals who interviewed you can be one of the biggest mistakes candidates make. First, those people will most likely come together and debrief their thoughts with each other following your interview. In this time they could have your letter printed out and notice it is the same or figure it out while discussing. Sending the same letter shows that you are not someone who will put in the effort that the team or company is looking for.  If you do the bare minimum now, what makes them think you’ll put the effort in for the company later? Here is where you can really use your notes and go over different points from each interviewer.

Procrastinate Sending Your Letter

Get your letter back to your interviewers ASAP! Your goal should be to send it out within a 24 hour window. Not only will you have everything fresh in your head but it also shows you have good time management to get your well-written letter sent back to your interviewers.

Let us know if these tips helped you write your next Thank You letter. Best of luck in your job search!




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Land your dream job effortlessly! Download our FREE Best Practices For Your Job Search Guide today!

Land your dream job effortlessly! Download our FREE Best Practices For Your Job Search Guide today!

Land your dream job effortlessly! Download our FREE Best Practices For Your Job Search Guide today!