The Culture Fit: Why Transparency During the Hiring Process Works Best [AUDIO]

The Culture Fit: Why Transparency During the Hiring Process Works Best [AUDIO]

Group of Multiethnic Busy People Working in an OfficeWhen a potential employee has an interview at a company, they will do their research not only on the mission, vision and successes of that company, they will also take the time to find out what the company’s culture is like. This puts pressure on a company to appeal to potential employees and could lead to those organizations bending the truth about what the culture in their workplace is like. Not only is this strategy detrimental to your company’s reputation, but will create an environment of disappointed and disengaged employees who were expecting one thing and given another without explanation.

“Don’t lie. If it works for you and it works for your company, be exactly who you are.”

Here’s a clip from my interview with our Marketing team on Employee Engagement and transparency in the workplace.

When a company is completely honest about their values, mission and vision, they are unintentionally making their application pool smaller because not every person is attracted to the same kind of work environment. This is advantageous in finding and retaining engaged and excited employees who will thrive in their working culture.

The DAVIS Companies is not shy about the kind of culture we have established in our multiple offices around the country. “Work hard, play hard” is front and center in the company’s description.

“Transparency is the biggest thing that allows a company to attract, engage and retain top talent.” Brendon Davis, President

With a culture that creates a competitive yet fun environment, employees are engaged, ambitious and aware of what they should be accomplishing in order to climb the ladder and perform at their best. What kind of work environment works best for you or your company? Leave a comment or tweet us @TheDavisCos.

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