Creative Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day While at Work

Creative Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day While at Work

St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity to have some fun in the office, boost morale, and improve employee engagement. With a little creativity, you can participate in all the holiday’s traditions without leaving your desk. Here are some easy tips to help you enjoy St. Patrick’s Day while you’re stuck in the office.

Learn a Bit About the Holiday History

Your at the computer anyways right? Enlighten yourself! Do a quick search on “who St. Patrick was” and “why we celebrate this day”.

Don Your Green

Incorporate a little green into your work attire. How about a green-striped polo or collared shirt, a green blouse or sweater, a green or shamrock-dotted tie, or green socks -just to name a few! Or go a little more subtle with accessories like green beads, hats or headbands. Painting your nails green counts too!

Listen to Some Festive Irish Music

Find a radio station that celebrates the holiday with a live stream of traditional Irish music throughout the day. Or create your own play list of music from mainstream Irish bands like The Drop Kick Murphys or U2.

Eat Some Traditional Irish Food

Everyone gets a lunch break right?It may not be traditional Irish fare, but corned beef is a St. Patrick’s Day staple. Head to your local deli to find some or maybe check out a bakery that sells Irish soda bread.

Hopefully these tips brought a little luck to your day. How do you get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit from the office?

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