Creating a Team Cadence for Success

Creating a Team Cadence for Success

Creating a Team Cadence for Success

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –Henry Ford

Whether you are in sales, recruiting, engineering, or manufacturing, creating a great team environment begins with how you start, spend, and end your days. If you can harness a team’s collective work ethic, effort, and brain power, the results will come. Cadence was a key part of Henry Ford’s manufacturing line, a tenant of good agile practice in engineering today, as well as a practice of high-performing sales organizations. When your team moves with the same speed, pace, and sense of urgency, great things can happen!

Here are 3 tips to begin to harness cadence within your organizations:

  1. Start your meetings on time

Nothing will hinder a team more than too many meetings. Failure to start on time can destroy a team’s sense of urgency for the entire day. To prevent this problem, start your meetings on time. If people are not there they should pick up on the clues. If not, you need to dig into deeper team problems.

  1. Share a schedule

Having a shared schedule and doing similar activities together can generate energy within your organization. If people are doing very different tasks at one time, it can distract a group quickly. Talk about how you prioritize activities so your team can also follow and unite together.

  1. Celebrate wins

Take the time to celebrate as a team. Recognize the success when everyone hits a goal and celebrate in relation to how big each goal is. The momentum of wins will build and continue to fuel cadence and performance on the floor.

As with everything, communication is key for team success. Start with these 3 tips and you’ll be on your way to an amazing team environment.

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