Creating a Stellar Onboarding Experience

Creating a Stellar Onboarding Experience

Creating a Stellar Onboarding ExperienceMy grandfather used to always tell us grandchildren, “When you meet someone you look them in the eye, smile, and give a firm handshake, because your first impression lasts a lifetime.” This isn’t much different when onboarding a new employee to your company. The candidate experience starts right with the application process and continues for the first few months of employment. This stage is critical to the company’s reputation, internal referral program and productivity. I am going to share tips and tricks to help create the best onboarding experience for your new employees.

Once the candidate signs their offer letter the onboarding experience begins. At this stage, whatever your title is, if you are in communication with the new employee be excited for them! This may seem silly, but showing your excitement to have that person apart of the organization goes a long way. Please remember this during your calls and in your emails. Which brings me to my next point, stay in touch with your newbies. Don’t go radio silent on them until the day before they start. Send touch emails, or make the call to see if they have questions with new hire paperwork, background check or drug screening process. Here at DAVIS we always follow up with a confirmation start email which gives a run down on what to expect for their first day, what our office has to offer, attire expectations, etc. This seems to be very helpful for our new hires.

Day one – YAY! Be prepared people. At DAVIS we create our own survival kit. In the start box you will find a few snacks to fuel the employee through training, lint roller (score), a training binder and DAVIS swag. This is a great welcome gift for our new employees and shows that your organization is prepared for them to begin their career with you. Giving your employee a welcome tour and intro session is a great way to get them comfortable with the space and to officially meet everyone. Throughout their first week stick to the training agenda – curveballs may happen, but try to limit them.

Your company’s onboarding process is essentially your collective first impression. Communication, preparation and planning are key to the process. The hard work up front makes for a smooth transition, keeps the employee engaged and promotes productivity to follow.

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