How Crapola Can Help Your Job Search

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How Crapola Can Help Your Job Search

crapola-and-job-searchDuring your job search, you may spend a lot of time determining if you have the “right” skills and worrying about if you have the “right” degree. Perhaps even more time is spent writing resumes and drafting interview answers. Not a lot of time is spent thinking about the process of the job search itself, and what helps you to see it through to completion (i.e., to a job offer!). Here are a few qualities that are essential to your job search!

CREATIVITY: Your goal in the job search is to market yourself to as many appropriate employers as possible. The most effective job search strategy depends on using all possible avenues to finding a position, rather than relying solely on one approach. Get creative in your search with online resources, networking, professional associations and career fairs!

RESOURCEFULNESS: “Never say no” needs to be your mantra during a job search. Talk to everyone you know because you don’t know which conversation on the soccer field will lead you to your next new opportunity. Network, stay up to date on employment news in your area and keep thinking outside the box during your job search process.

ATTITUDE: Having a positive outlook when looking for a job is a necessity. How you come across to a potential employer can make the difference in getting hired. Your attitude means as much as your resume when you are looking for work. An employer will be attracted to someone who radiates a positive attitude because they feel it will carry over into their job performance. Look at sorting through jobs as an adventure. You never know what you might come across and the more jobs you look at, the greater the chance that you will find the one for you. Staying positive will help to keep you motivated.

PERSISTENCE: The importance of persistence is obvious. Any job search takes time and effort. And while you will find success at the end, and lots of interesting information, helpful people, and a variety of leads along the way, there will inevitably also be doors that close, dead ends, and un-helpful people too. If and when you stumble (and we all do), it’s the ability to pick yourself up and keep going that will get you to your goal. It seems corny to say “never give up,” but really being persistent and holding on to the belief that things will happen, is one of the most important qualities for successful job searching.

ORGANIZATION: Having a process for your job search is critical to your success. Keeping track of who you contacted, when and what the outcome was will help you stay in touch with the right people at the right time.

LUCK: Truth be told and there is always a factor of luck in all things we do. Your job search is no different. But be aware and work on making your own luck.

ASSERTIVENESS: How you handle yourself in potentially awkward situations is a true test of how you’d handle yourself in any situation. It’s important to be confident and professional in an interview. Be prepared, do your homework and ask for the job!

Now get out there and make CRAPOLA work for you in your job search! Good luck!