Communication Tips I Learned from Behavioral Research

Communication Tips I Learned from Behavioral Research

communicationWe’ve all noticed that different people have different communication styles. Some people communicate with more emotion, others are more analytical and data-driven. You may find people who explain things systematically and others that skip over details and get right to the point. In the workplace it’s key to understand that there are different communication styles and that you need to be aware of how you communicate with different types of people.

I’ve learned through behavioral research testing that I am an enthusiastic and patient person. I to try to break the ice and provide a friendly environment when talking to people. I am rarely confrontational and I can be swayed by emotions and how I feel about a topic.  It’s good to know that about myself, but it’s also critical to know how to work with people that are different.

Many successful leaders are decisive, independent and goal oriented. When communicating with this type of person it’s best to be clear and concise.  It’s likely they’ll ask “why” type questions to clarify and understand the points you’re making.  They are results oriented and want to understand what you will be achieving.

My style is more people oriented, where others may be more task oriented and direct. Some are impulsive, fast paced decision makers. Me sometimes, and others, are slower paced and rely on analysis to decide.

It’s important to stop and think about your co-workers communication styles. What can you learn about them? Watch them and think about some of these things.  Let me know if you find any of this information helpful to understand and work better with your co-workers.