Communication Skills Matter

Communication Skills Matter

Communication Skills Matter

If you look at almost every job description, whether you are in Engineering, Manufacturing, Software, Business Development, Marketing, or IT, communication skills are part of the job. Can you work well with others, be a team player, and communicate effectively?

Even if communication is not your strong suit or you feel shy in interviews, here are some tips to highlight your ability and show employers you have the ability to communicate.

Find the balance of providing too much or too little detail

This can be a very difficult task, but hiring managers want someone who can talk enough about the relevant and necessary information, without rambling on. Clear, concise, and compelling are the magic 3 C’s here. If you can give a clear answer, with the concise level of information, delivered compellingly and effectively, you will have delivered a satisfactory answer. One of the best ways to improve on your answers is to practice. Talk it out, talk to friends, former co-workers, and colleagues. Their advice on answers will serve you best.


Great communication starts with great listening. Take the time to listen to the interviewer and really hear their questions.

Body Language

If you are in an in-person interview, your body language is essential. Make eye contact, sit up straight, smile, and relax. If you are constantly looking at your feet, out the window, or at your notebook, you have already lost the communication skills check. Non-verbal communication is going to leave the biggest impact, if you don’t do it well.

Have Examples Ready

Be ready to talk about teams you have been on, examples of how you communicate effectively, or how you have presented information in the past.

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