Communicating in a Global Pandemic

Communicating in a Global Pandemic

Communicating in a Global Pandemic

Although I find myself occasionally feeling like the life we are living, and the reality of our day to day is a new normal – we are still in the midst of a Global Pandemic.

So how are HR Professionals managing to maintain any level of normalcy in this not so normal world?


We are in constant communication, with our teams, with the employees we support, with the organizations who provide us with legal updates, and advice.  We are constantly communicating.

So how can you apply this to make your time during this pandemic a little more normal?

  1. Stick to your weekly touch points with your teams. We have all heard about video chatting fatigue, but you need to see your teams, and your teams need to see you.  We may not be able to be together in person, but we can be together digitally and we all have to make the best of what we have. And if you find things getting stale do some googling – people are innovating across the world new ways to connect when we cannot be together physically – play trivia, bingo, or even do a virtual murder mystery party!
  2. Reach out to people you used to run in to in the lunch room, or on your way to the bathroom, catch up, maintain the connection – as the numbers of  positive  COVID cases across the US rise, we are all becoming more isolated again – don’t forget about those you used to see in pre-COVID times.
  3. Ask questions – ask them of your teams, your management, your clients.  Engage with the people around you, don’t only let the information pass you buy, engage with it.  We don’t all have the answers – but engaging in discussion can be a great way to share information, knowledge and keep communication open!

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